USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D

Deck Chart

Saucer Section

Deck Features

1 Main Bridge, captain's ready room, conference lounge.
subdeck - Bridge module ejection systems, emergency computer and environmental systems.
2 Crew quarters, crew lounges,  Worf's, Geordi's and Data's quarters, extendable docking ports.
3 Crew quarters, guest quarters, shuttle control booth, departure lounge, shuttlecraft subsystems.
4 Main Shuttlebay, shuttlecraft storage and service, crew quarters, cargo bays, phaser practice range.
5 Crew quarters, senior staff quarters,  shuttlecraft hangar, computer core systems.
6 Transporter rooms one through four, crew quarters, environmental systems, arboretum.
7 Crew quarters, environmental systems, transporter support.
8 Crew quarters, guest quarters, Picard's, Riker's, Troi's, and Beverly's quarters, crew lounges, science labs, Stellar Cartography.
9 Crew quarters, guest quarters, umbilical connects, computer core systems, RCS thrusters, impulse engine subsystems, lateral sensor arrays, science labs.
10 Ten-Forward lounge, crew quarters, crew support systems, computer core access, photon torpedo magazines, holodecks, science labs, saucer impulse engines, RCS thrusters.
11 Holodecks, saucer torpedo launcher, computer subsystems, science labs, swimming pool.
12 Medical complex, sickbay wards one and two, medlabs, surgical suites, gymnasium, cetacean lab.
13 Cargo bays, Astrometrics, life support systems, crew support, brig.
14 Cargo bays, crew lounges, saucer deflector array.
15 Saucer engineering systems, deflector subsystems, extendable docking ports, cargo loading doors.
16 Captain's yacht, cargo systems, environmental support.

Stardrive Section

Deck Features

8 Battle Bridge, ready room, conference room.
9 Umbilical connects, docking latches, brig.
10 Life support, engineering subsystems, lateral sensor array.
11 Science labs, contingency accommodations.
12 Shuttlebay support, primary gangway.
13 Shuttlebays 2 and 3, shuttlecraft ops.
14 Shuttle hangar, transporter rooms 5-6.
15 Science department, engineering support.
16 Contingency crew quarters, science labs.
17 Contingency crew quarters, science labs.
18 Contingency crew quarters, sickbay ward three.
19 Contingency crew quarters.
20 EPS systems/distribution.
21 Engineering labs, crew lounges.
22 EPS monitoring, crew support facilities.
23 Impulse engine systems, photon torpedo magazines.
24 Main impulse engine, photon torpedo magazine, crew lounges.
nacelle - Control room upper level (P/S).
25 Docking ports, forward torpedo launcher, photon torpedoes.
nacelle - Nacelle control room (P/S).
26 Deuterium tankage.
27 Deuterium tankage.
28 Deuterium tankage.
29 Deuterium tankage.
nacelle - Docking ports, nacelle crew lounge (P/S).
30 Deuterium injector, warp core endcap.
31 Science labs, crew quarters.
32 Crew quarters.
33 Engineering systems, stardrive computer core systems.
34 Structural systems, stardrive computer core systems, photon torpedo magazine.
35 Aft torpedo launcher, photon torpedo magazine, sensor array subsystems, main deflector subsystems.
36 Main Engineering, pylon structural systems, power transfer conduits, main deflector access, lateral sensor arrays, RCS thrusters.
37 Waste management, cargo.
38 Cargo loading door, cargo bays, brig.
39 Cargo bays, security, brig.
40 Antimatter containment, engineering support.
41 Antimatter containment.
42 Antimatter containment,  antimatter generator, antimatter injector.

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