Skin Of Evil

Next Generation Episode #23 - 1x23

Written by Joseph Stefano and Hannah Louise Shearer. Story by Joseph Stefano. Directed by Joseph L Scanlan.

Stardate: 41601.3 First aired: 25 April 1988

A shuttle containing Troi and Lt Prieto crashes on Vagra II. The Enterprise hurries to its aid, but an energy field around the shuttle blocks the transporters. An Away Team is sent down to move the passengers to safety, but they are blocked by a loving pool of oil, Armus. Armus kills Tasha, who is rushed to sickbay, but too late for Beverly to do anything. Armus lets the surviving Away Team members talk to Troi - she senses great pain and loneliness from Armus. The long-departed people of this planet learned how to shed their evil like a second skin - which became Armus. Armus demands to be transported off the planet, then he'll shut down the energy field. Armus' power seems to diminish when he is angry, so Picard riles him, the field weakens and the shuttle's crew are beamed away. Picard destroys the shuttle from space so Armus can't use it. Picard leads an emotional service for Tasha, who has left a holographic message for her crewmates.

Guest Cast

Raymond Forchion as "Ben Prieto", Ron Gans as "Voice of Armus", Mart McChesney as "Armus", Brad Zerbst as "Nurse".

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